undefined & null

undefined :
undefined typically means a variable has been declared but no value has been assigned a value
let demo;
alert(demo); //shows undefined
alert(typeof demo); //shows undefined

null :
null is an assigned value. It means nothing. You can assign it to a variable. …

why we use react js?

Originally developed for Facebook, React is a JavaScript library that builds user interfaces for single-page applications by dividing UI into composable components. Since it requires only a minimal understanding of HTML and JavaScript, React has risen in popularity as a front-end web development tool.

7 Reasons why you should use React :

1. Fast Learning Curve
2. Reusable Components

Primitive Values

In JavaScript, primitive values and primitive data type is not an object or has no method. All primitive values are immutable. Primitive we cannot change because a primitive itself variable assigned a primitive value. We can reassign any value, but the existing value is never changing. But object…

1. Destructuring :

In this tutorial, our main focus will be on learning how to use the power of destruction to simplify our JavaScript programs.
What is Destructuring?
Destructuring simply implies breaking down a complex structure into simpler parts. In JavaScript, this complex structure is usually an object or an array.
Now the main function of…

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